Democrats seem to have no idea how repugnant their agenda is

David Limbaugh:
Is it just me, or has it also occurred to you that Democrats, in this all-important year leading up to the 2020 election, rarely talk about policy issues? They are exclusively focused on removing President Donald Trump, and they only discuss policy during their somniferous debates.

In the Democrats' defense, their mainstream media bosses cover nothing but Trump and Trump crucified. Also, some Democratic Party leaders probably realize that their ideas don't fully resonate with the people and so it is in their interests to keep the focus on Trump.

But to their surprise, it seems they have made a grave tactical error in putting all their rotten eggs in the impeachment basket. Polls indicate their strategy has backfired, especially among independents and particularly in the swing states.

Perhaps people are sensing that the Democrats are focused more on Trump than on solving the nation's problems. Only if you believe -- as do the Democrats' leftist base and Republican never-Trumpers -- that Trump is the nation's major problem will this myopic approach likely appeal to you. Most people, however, aren't neurotically obsessed with Trump and still care about the economy, the border, abortion, guns, foreign policy, and other issues.

But let's step back a minute. Is the Democrats' decision to fixate on alleged Trump corruption just a matter of strategy, or could it be just as much an organic development flowing from the same extreme mindset that drives their policy agenda? Could it also be that they are so convinced of the superiority of their ideas that they think they don't have to spend as much time selling them? Even though some Democratic Party leaders are nervous, they are prisoners of their base and their media masters.

I believe the radical leftist ideology thus dominating the Democratic Party leads to the left's malice toward Trump, which actually has far less to do with his so-called coarseness than with his steadfast and mostly successful opposition to the party's policy agenda.

Leftists aren't used to losing these days. Everywhere they look, their ideas appear to be dominating. People with contrary opinions are being muzzled and shamed throughout our culture. Anyone remotely within their orbit who strays from their orthodoxy is forced to repent and apologize for their heresy.

The left has been further emboldened by former President Barack Obama's success at cramming many of his ideas down America's throat in his quest to fundamentally transform this nation away from its founding ideas -- from identity politics to Obamacare to abortion to same-sex marriage to his war on domestic energy to an explosion of the administrative state.

It is interesting that leftists and many never-Trumpers believe that Trump supporters are a cult, robotically following their leader and mindlessly absorbing ideas of their group, when, in fact, leftists are the ones obsessed over Trump, intellectually imprisoned by their own groupthink and seeing everything through their Trump-colored lenses. They are the ones mired in their own echo chamber, largely oblivious to what makes the rest of us tick.

Proof of leftists' ideological isolation is their cluelessness about the pitfalls in pressuring Democratic Party leaders to move so far left so fast. They obviously have no idea that there are tens of millions of us out here in flyover country -- and many more than you think in purple and even blue states -- who haven't given up on the ideas that make this country great and exceptional.
There is more.

I was a reluctant Trump voter who just could not abide voting for Hillary Clinton.  Trump has been a pleasant surprise.  He has kept his campaign promises and has flustered the evils of liberalism much to my surprise.  It is his policy agenda I support.  When Democrats think people who support Trump are a cult they have it backward.  We just think the Democrat agenda sucks.


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