A significant number of Democrats are attending Trump rallies

Elizabeth Vaughn:
In an appearance on CNN this week, Michael Bloomberg’s campaign manager, Kevin Sheekey, said: “The impeachment proceedings are making the president’s reelection more likely.”

CNN host Christiane Amanpour remarked that “many Democrats are not going to like to hear that.”

Here’s something else the Democrats won’t want to hear.

President Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, released some very surprising data gathered from attendees at his Tuesday night rally in Broward, FL, which is guaranteed to send a shiver up Adam Schiff’s spine.

Of the 31,177 voters who provided data, 24% were Democrats. The significance of this is monumental. I wonder what the percentage of Republicans attending Democratic rallies is. I imagine it would be low to nil.

This tells us that a sizable percentage of Democrats are looking at the weak field of candidates and are searching for an alternative. I would guess many of them are turned off by the injustice of the current impeachment inquiry as well as the party’s sharp left turn. It might surprise Democrats to hear that not every Democrat supports impeachment or the vision of a socialist America.

The next data point showed that 19% had voted once or less in the last four elections. Can you imagine if this group were to actually go to the polls next year and cast their ballot for Trump? It’s not a crazy assumption. It takes less time and effort to cast a vote than to attend a campaign rally.

Finally, Parscale found that 27% of them were Hispanic. The implications of such a strong Hispanic presence lays waste to the Democratic talking point that Trump’s insistence on building a border wall and taking a tougher stand against illegal immigration is resonating. A 27% Hispanic turnout for a Trump rally is impressive. The Hispanic vote will have a big impact on the results in 2020.
The Democrats do have a remarkably weak field.  That is one reason why people are still deciding to run in that field of candidates.  If these numbers are close th accurate the polling companies should look at their models again.


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