Impeachment poll looks like a potential disaster for Democrats

Sister Toldjah:
In spite of what the national media and Democrats have been saying about voter support for impeaching President Trump, the writing has been on the wall for weeks suggesting they’re on a path to disaster come election time. A new Politico–Morning Consult poll bears that out, but first, let’s look at what other revealing polls have said over the last few weeks.

Roughly two weeks before the public impeachment inquiry hearings began, a Suffolk University poll showed that when it comes to the impeachment issue, the devil is in the details.

In that poll, 31% of those surveyed believed the July call between Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky was not a big deal. 21% said that even though they felt the call was wrong, they didn’t feel he should be impeached over it, meaning a total of 52% of the 1,000 registered voters surveyed believed Trump had not committed an impeachable offense with the call.

In that same poll, only 36% were in favor of outright impeachment. 22% were ok with an inquiry only, while 37% were opposed to the hearings.

A week later, a Morning Consult poll released a week before the public hearings started showed support for impeachment itself was already starting to drop among independents, a crucial voting bloc for Democrats and Republicans alike.

Unfortunately for Democrats, several days of impeachment inquiry hearings have not helped them with independents. The latest Morning Consult poll, released Tuesday, shows a dramatic drop in their support for impeaching Trump as well as a dramatic drop in their support for the inquiry:

Opposition by independents to the House’s ongoing impeachment inquiry jumped 10 percentage points in the last week, according to a Politico–Morning Consult poll released Tuesday.

The poll showed 47 percent of independents opposed the inquiry, compared to 37 percent last week. Meanwhile support for the inquiry by independents fell 7 points to 40 percent.

Support for the inquiry among all respondents fell 2 points to 48 percent, while opposition to it rose 3 points to 45 percent.

As I’ve written before, this is a nightmare scenario for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intel Chair Adam Schiff, who in spite of saying they’d be willing to lose the House over this issue have very deep concerns about how this will play out among vulnerable House Democrats in the months to come.
This also explains why Democrats fear letting voters decide the President's fate.  They know they can't beat him at the polls at this point.  They have also demonstrated bad faith with their impeachment proceedings denying the President due process and his lawyers an ability to cross-examine witnesses.


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