The anti rule of law bigotry of the left

Washington Post:
It was never about the wall, the border or the economy. It’s always been bigotry.
The left resorts to insults to justify its attacks on the rule of law.  They are pushing a policy that would allow them to pick and choose which laws are to be obeyed as long as they see political advantage in the breaking of the law. 

In the case of immigration, they are using illegal immigrants to steal house seats by counting them in the census giving Democrats seats they are not entitled to.  Some Democrats are even talking about allowing illegals to cancel the votes to real citizens. 

It really does not matter what the ethnicity of the illegal is.  If they were all English men and women it would still be wrong to allow them to evade the law.  If it takes a wall to get people to enter the country legally then so be it.  It is the left that supports allowing people they think may be future Democrats to jump the queue.  It is not about Hispanics.  In fact, Hispanics who are in this country legally are just as likely as non-Hispanics to oppose illegal entry.

Hispanics who work for the Border Patrol and for ICE are not bigots.  They are patriots.  I grew up on the border with these people and think they are good citizens.  I fought in Vietnam with them.  It is absurd to claim those good citizens who support the rule of law are bigots.  It is an example of how out of touch the left in this country is.


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