The left's plot against Devin Nunes who exposed the Russian collusion hoax and shot down the Ukraine hoax

Julie Kelly:
If a full and fair analysis of the Trump-Russian collusion hoax ever is conducted, it will reveal the collateral damage suffered by innocent people ensnared by the wicked, multi-faceted operation launched by Barack Obama’s White House in the spring of 2016.

There are plenty of infuriating passages in The Plot Against the President, a must-read book by journalist Lee Smith. But the description of how the hoax plotters targeted the family of Representative Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) evokes particular outrage.

As chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Nunes released a memo in February 2018 describing how Barack Obama’s Justice Department misled the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to obtain permission to spy on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Democrats did not want that memo out. In the days and weeks leading up its distribution, Smith describes how the crusade against Nunes “took an even more dangerous turn.”

An orchestrated assault against Nunes’ family, including his wife and three young daughters, posed such a threat that law enforcement agents were assigned to the grade school where Nunes’ wife works. Hackers imitated Nunes’ cell phone numbers; calls were made to up to two dozen relatives, including his 98-year-old grandmother and mother-in-law, so they would answer.

“Then they made it sound like I was kidnapped and that I’d better back off or something bad’s going to happen to me,” Nunes told Smith. “So clearly they had a whole plan where they called to threaten all of those people.”

The Nunes family is just one of the many victims savaged by the Trump-hating mob—an effort funded by wealthy partisans and carried out by their accomplices hunkered down in the national news media, on Capitol Hill, and in federal government agencies—attempting to take down Donald Trump. Every American, regardless of political affiliation, should know what they did, how they did it, who they hurt, and how they have corrupted our country’s most trusted institutions, perhaps permanently.

In that regard, The Plot Against the President is essential reading, especially as multiple investigations into what went down in the Obama Justice Department are coming to a head. (It was an Amazon #1 best-seller before its release late last month. It remains on several best-selling lists at the site.)

Smith’s book is the most comprehensive account yet of how these nefarious interests began conspiring in late 2015 and remain at work today. “The dirty tricks operation turned into an attempted coup after Trump’s election,” Smith writes. “Since Trump was elected without the consensus of the ruling party representing the coastal elite, Barack Obama’s intelligence chiefs…believed that his election was illegitimate. It was permissible, they believed, to remove him from office.”

These self-important, some might say sociopathic, officials include former FBI Director James Comey and former CIA Director John Brennan. “He’s a liar and a con man,” Nunes says of Comey—a generous description of the worst person ever put in charge of the world’s most powerful law enforcement agency.

Comey “has an ego that can’t fit on the planet earth,” Kash Patel, a former national security prosecutor who was one of Nunes’ top deputies, says bluntly. (In the book, Patel recalls his doctor asking in the summer of 2016 why his blood pressure was so high. “I told him it was Comey’s speech,” referring to the FBI director’s infamous July 5, 2016 press conference when he exonerated Hillary Clinton for her illicit email server and mishandling of classified material.)
There is much more.

More recently someone made up a story about Nunes colluding with Ukraine officials after he did a good job of shootdown the Schiff Show at the impeachment inquiry.  The Deep State is at war with anyone and everyone who does not agree with its plot to overthrow the President.  They set out to ruin those they can't co-op.  They attempted to stop the publication of Lee Smith's book.  There is no lie they are not willing to push in their effort to take down President Trump and anyone who supports him.


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