Democrats have lost all credibility with their impeachment efforts

Washington Post:

Trump’s GOP support hardens despite damning impeachment testimony

As the inquiry hurtles toward impeachment and a Senate trial, House Democrats say the evidence that President Trump abused his office and orchestrated a bribery scheme is unambiguous. But the hearings appear to have changed the minds of few, if any, Republican lawmakers.
House Democrats are living in a fantasy world if they really believe that nonsense. That fits Biden's conduct more than Trump's.  They also lost credibility when they push false allegations that Trump won because he "colluded" with Russians. They pushed a false narrative from the time he was elected.  Their initial allegations about Ukraine were also false and they kept falling back on other false allegations and tried to criminalize conduct that was not remotely criminal.  Their allegations of bribery are laughable and their own witnesses rejected them.

The problem for the media is that they only heard what they wanted to hear and ignored the effective cross-examination by the Republicans in Congress.  They they tried to criminalize the GOP representatives who challenged their false narratives.

The Democrats also made a mistake by turning the case over to a known liar like Adam Schiff who excluded relevant information and witnesses. Despite the handicaps, he imposed on the Republicans the GOP members of the committee did a more effective job than the Democrats.

Simply put the Democrats did not present a persuasive case despite their attempt to exclude relevant evidence and witnesses.  If this case makes its way to a Senate trial the Democrats will be further exposed and embarrassed.  The Democrats damned themselves with this travesty.


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