Democrats do not have much of a case for impeachment

Legal Insurrection:
Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University recently appeared on CBS This Morningto offer legal analysis of the Democrat impeachment inquiry. His take on the situation will not please the left.
As Kyle Drennen of Newsbusters notes, the CBS hosts seemed disappointed:
Turley Tells Disappointed CBS Hosts: Impeachment ‘Designed to Fail’
Appearing on Friday’s CBS This Morning, legal analyst and constitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley completely shattered the hopes of Democrats and the liberal media that President Trump would be successfully impeached and removed from office. He trashed the proceedings for presenting “the thinnest evidentiary record” and declared the effort was “designed to fail.”
After fellow CBS News legal analyst and anti-Trump Bulwark writer Kim Wehle assured the morning show anchors that Democrats “absolutely” made the case for impeachment, co-host Gayle King turned to Turley and wondered: “Jonathan, do you feel the same?” Turley threw a wet blanket on the discussion: “I’m afraid I don’t.”
Turley didn’t mince words:
The fact is I think that this is the – well certainly the shortest investigation, it’s certainly the thinnest evidentiary record, and it’s the narrowest impeachment ever to go to the Senate, if they were to go on this record….did they prove something was contemptible or impeachable? Contemptible is not synonymous with impeachable. The President does set policy. They have three conversations, two of them directly, one with Senator Johnson, one with Ambassador Sondland, where Trump denies a quid pro quo….so you have a conflicted record. And the question is what do you need to remove a sitting president?…
Whether this is intentional or not, it seems designed to fail in the Senate.
Watch the key exchange below:
There is more including an expanded version of the interview.  Turley is a liberal law professor who has the integrity to call out the weakness of the Democrat case.


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