Warren's confiscatory wealth tax opposed by Republican men

NY Times:

Warren Wealth Tax Has Wide Support, Except Among One Group

Most college-educated Republican men oppose the plan, which otherwise finds wide backing. On Medicare for all, divisions are more starkly partisan.
In the real world what she is calling wealth is the equivalent of capital.  It is money used to invest in business enterprises that is used to grow the economy and not put into a sinkhole of government healthcare and peed away.  It can be used to build hospitals and invest in new medicine.  It can be used to build new technology and create jobs.  The government is awful at doing that sort of thing and government healthcare is notorious for rationing care rather than developing new cures.  Medicare for all is one of the dumber ideas proposed by politicians.  The market is much better at picking winners and losers than the government is.  Free healthcare in Venezuela and Cuba is a disaster and the people are worse off than they were before they had free healthcare.


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