Fiona Hill tries to sell fiction that Ukraine did not interfere in 2016 election against Trump

NY Times:

Fiona Hill Testifies ‘Fictions’ on Ukraine Pushed by Trump Help Russia

The former top White House aide denounced a theory that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election, as she tied the president’s pressure campaign to Russian efforts to sow political divisions in America.
This woman was trying to sell a theory that was obviously wrong. She ignores the actions of DNC operative Chalupa as well as Ukraine's own actions that were hostile to the Trump campaign.  It should be noted that Hill worked with Christopher Steele in the past and apparently held him in high regard.  She apparently bought into the Russian interference with the election story, despite most findings that it had no material effect on the outcome of the election.

She also ignored evidence of Ukraine interference in the 2016 election, "Fiona Hill (and Dems) ignore the serious evidence of Ukrainian 2016 meddling."
The second theory has nothing to do with Russia. It is supported by significant evidence. It includes public professions of support for Clinton and opposition to Trump by Ukrainian officials. It includes acknowledgments by Ukrainian investigators that their Obama administration counterparts encouraged them to investigate Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Bolstering this theory is the fact that Ukrainian officials leaked information damaging to Manafort (a ledger of payments, possibly fabricated) that forced Manafort’s ouster from the Trump campaign, triggering waves of negative publicity for the campaign.

A Ukrainian court, in late 2018, concluded that two Ukrainian officials meddled in the election. And in 2018 House testimony, Nellie Ohr — who worked for Fusion GPS, the Clinton campaign opposition research firm that produced the lurid and discredited Steele dossier — conceded that a pro-Clinton Ukrainian legislator was a Fusion informant.

When Republicans and most Trump supporters refer to evidence of Ukrainian collusion in the 2016 election, it is this collusion theory that they are speaking about. This theory is in no way mutually exclusive with the finding that Russia hacked the DNC accounts — it has nothing to do with the hacking.
She and the mainstream media seek to ignore the obvious when they discount Ukraine interference.


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