Does anyone really miss Obama?

Washington Post:
By David Ignatius
I think a lot of liberals at the Post must miss him, but in the real world, the US is much better off with Trump.  Trump has gotten the economy expanded at rates that eluded Obama over his eight years in the White House and he has gotten the US out of loser deals like the Iran fiasco and the Paris climate change one-sided deal which did little to stop the real polluters and would have punished successful countries like the US.

I do get the impression that at the Washington Post the staff comes in every day looking for ways to be critical of the President.  On most days it is hard to find an article that is not critical of the President.  This is not surprising from a paper that decided early on that it did not have to be fair to Trump.  It is a paper that still has not apologized sufficiently for pushing the Russian collusion hoax.  It has just moved on to the Ukraine hoax as if the false charges never happened.


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