Lawyer on the Muller team is the former DOJ official expected to be indicted

Washington Examiner:
The FBI lawyer who is under criminal investigation for allegedly falsifying a document related to the surveillance of a Trump campaign adviser expressed negative opinions of President Trump in messages to colleagues.
Kevin Clinesmith, who once was part of special counsel Robert Mueller's team, has been identified as the attorney who faces a potential criminal charge as part of U.S. Attorney John Durham's expansive criminal investigation into the origins of the Russia inquiry, according to the New York Times.
As part of the Justice Department watchdog's now-completed investigation into alleged surveillance abuses, Clinesmith was found to have altered an email that was used by officials as they prepared an application renewal to present before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to obtain a warrant to electronically surveil Carter Page, a onetime foreign policy adviser for the Trump campaign.
Clinesmith was an attorney with the FBI’s National Security and Cyber Law Branch and worked under FBI General Counsel James Baker and Deputy General Counsel Trisha Anderson. He resigned two months ago after being interviewed by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz's team, who sent a referral to Durham, the prosecutor from Connecticut tasked with reviewing the Russia case by Attorney General William Barr.
Democrats, as well as current and former FBI officials, have dismissed allegations of wrongdoing and have raised concerns that information about U.S. intelligence-gathering could be leveraged to discredit former special counsel Robert Mueller.
I suspect there were others with animosity toward the President. You can see it dripping from the stories on the Democrats' impeachment effort.  The fact that despite attempts to extort information from Trump associates, the Muller team could find no corroboration is the Russian collusion hoax has barely slowed down the Democrat hatred of Trump.


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