Calendar is working against Democrat impeachment effort

Bill Shanafelt:
Amidst the hue and cry and clutter surrounding the impeachment fiasco, one clear obstacle stands out: time.  There just isn't enough time — as in congressional working days — on the calendar to get the job done before the caucus/primary business begins for the Democrats, and doing it after that business is over would be laughable.
Our friend, Sundance, at The Conservative Tree House has done the math for us.  Read the whole piece, but, in essence, the reality is that:
With only eight legislative days left in 2019; and considering the resolution as adopted; the calendar doesn’t match the democrat talking points....[or give time to] accomplish all the House tasks.
He lays out how Chairman Adam Schiff 's Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which is probably drawing up a report over this holiday week, will, nevertheless, have insufficient time under the rules to allow members to review, vote on, and move the report and process onward soon.

That is, even if the haughty chairman refuses to allow the minority to provide, and have votes on its input, the report must be quickly transmitted to the HJC (House Judiciary Committee), chaired by the bumbling and odious Representative Jerrold Nadler.  Then the HJC must do what it must before sending articles of impeachment to the House floor for another vote, no simple and speedy procedure that.
Readers might remember that House speaker Nancy Pelosi hastily prepared the complex resolution after Nadler botched earlier proceedings....
And impeachment would lead to a Senate trial that would require "Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar [to] be removed from the campaign trail until further notice..."
So, whilst listening to the noise, look at the clock and realize that impeachment ain't gonna happen.
Progressives will be irate, but Ms. Nancy will have to find a way to forestall the final vote.
Since they have invited the President and/or his counsel to the proceedings that give them even less time to move to a vote.  Under the time pressure, they are also more likely to screw up.


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