Media tries to protect the leakers that were its sources for Russian collusion hoax

Brian Joondeph:
Despite several years living through "the calm before the storm," it now appears that storm clouds are building on the horizon.  Many of us are impatient and growing weary of "tick tock" bombshells that turn out to be firecrackers.  Long promised "pain" for Deep State bad actors has turned out to be anything but, unless pain means being hired as an analyst at CNN or MSNBC.
Will December be the month the pincers close in on the Deep State?  Some promising storm clouds are building.  Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz will appear before Senator Lindsey Graham's Judiciary Committee on December 11, with the long promised I.G. report on FISA abuse to be released December 9.
The report is already being downplayed by the media, with the New York Times warning, "DOJ watchdog report expected to clear Comey, McCabe, and Strzok of bias in Trump-Russia probe."  Okey-dokey, case closed.  The storm will be only a light breeze — at least according to their "unnamed sources" and "officials familiar with the report."
What do those in the know say?  Rep. John Ratcliffe, who has likely seen the report, says it is "likely to be damning."  Former acting A.G. Matt Whitaker, overseeing the report creation while serving as A.G., believes that the I.G. report will be "most consequential."  President Trump, certainly briefed on the report, said in a recent Fox and Friends interview that the report will be "historic."
Trump went farther: "They were spying on my campaign, and it went right to the top, and everybody knows it.  They tried to overthrow the presidency.  This is a disgrace."
Whom to believe?  Those who have seen the report or media outlets, known for fabricating news, trying to put a shine on the turd about to drop on Democrats and the Deep State?
The media wanted the Steele dossier and the Russian collusion hoax to be true and they are still trying to help those who perpetrated the hoax.  They have never run an apology for misleading the country with this hoax.


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