Joe Biden is not immune from investigations simply because he is running for President

J. Marsolo:
The Democrats, led by Adam Schiff, AKA Shifty Schiff, and Nancy Pelosi, will vote to impeach President Trump.
They are lying when they say they are doing this for the best interest of our country and pontificate that this is a serious decision for them to make.  The truth is, they are running a campaign to damage President Trump for the 2020 election.  It is a continuation of the Russia Hoax.
The proffered reason is, they say, that President Trump conditioned military aid to Ukraine, and a meeting between Ukraine's President Zelensky and President Trump, on President Zelensky announcing that Ukraine would investigate Ukraine's interference in our 2016 election to help Hillary Clinton and hurt President Trump, as well as the corruption of Burisma paying Hunter Biden $83,000 per month tied to then–vice president Biden threatening to withhold one billion dollars in American aid if Ukraine didn't fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma.
Joe Biden is on tape admitting and bragging he did this.  There is no hearsay, or second- or thirdhand hearsay.  We have Biden on tape.
Now, a rational, non-partisan American concerned with our welfare would ask, why we are sending one billion dollars to Ukraine instead of using that money to build a wall to protect our border with Mexico?  A wall would reduce the flow of illegal drugs that kill over 70,000 Americans per year.  The Democrats pretend to care about protecting the border between Russia and Ukraine only because it serves their interests to impeach President Trump.  We know they do not care about protecting the border between our country and Mexico.
The next question is why Burisma hired in 2014 and paid the vice president's son $83,000 per month for a no-show, no-duty job.  The answer starts with because Hunter was the V.P.'s son.
The Democrats and their media have framed the argument to impeach as follows: we cannot ask Ukraine to investigate because it involves Joe Biden, a political rival of President Trump for the 2020 election, and because the investigation would hurt Biden and benefit Trump.  Therefore, Trump cannot ask for an investigation. 
The premise of the Democrats' argument to impeach President Trump is that even if Joe Biden committed real crimes by using his office to get a million-dollar-a-year job with Burisma for his son, and used American aid to prevent an investigation into Burisma, then we cannot ask for an investigation because Joe Biden is a Democrat presidential candidate.
During the impeachment inquiry, the Democrats routinely pose the question: what if a mayor or governor asks the police chief to investigate a political rival?  All answer that this would be bad.  None asks, what if there is clear evidence that the rival has committed a crime?
The Democrats' argument for impeachment is both ludicrous and absurd.  Would they likewise say that Obama was subject to impeachment for pushing the Russian collusion hoax against candidate Trump?  That was clearly a bad faith investigation unlike the obvious quid pro quo that Biden is caught on tape admitting to.

Biden and his son should be investigated.  He is not immune from investigation just because he is running for President.


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