Democrat coup attempt is a loser with nearly two-thirds of independents opposing

John Nolte:
The far-left Vanity Fair got its Trump-hating hands on some exclusive impeachment data, and it is all bad news for Democrats and their fellow coup plotters in the media.
The headline reads: “Polling Suggests Democrats’ Impeachment Push Could Alienate Key Voters.”

The sub-headline reads: “Data exclusive to Vanity Fair shows impeachment could be a losing issue for Democrats hoping to recruit Independents in 2020. ‘Lots of people who don’t like Trump who are still prepared to vote for him,’ says one political science expert.”

And here is the math, and some of it is stunning.

We’ll start with my favorite numbers…

By a yuge margin of 62 to 22 percent, the all-important Independent voters who will decide the 2020 election, especially in key states, say that impeachment is “more important to politicians than it is to me.”

Get this…

By another yuge margin, 61 to 23 percent, Independents say impeachment is more important to the media than it is to me.”

Vanity Fair concludes that these numbers can only mean “Impeachment proceedings are viewed as bread and circuses for the anti-Trump crowd in Washington and the media.”

Ya’ think?

Another juicy number is that on the list of priorities Independents hold dear, only 27 percent describe impeachment as a top priority, which means it polls well below the deficit (74 percent), health care (72 percent), and infrastructure (70 percent) — and infrastructure is an issue Trump truly cares about, something he regularly talked about even in the years preceding his presidency. Infrastructure is something that could have happened had Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat-run congress not become coup-obsessed, something I expected Trump and the Nervous Nancy to make a deal on.

Wait, it gets better…

Hilariously, as Vanity Fair is forced to acknowledge, “Even Trump’s absurd border wall scored as a higher priority for Independents.”
There is more.

Democrats and the media thought that the televised proceeding would do great harm to Trump's support, but the opposite happened and the audience became quickly bored with the Schiff show.  The Democrats lost credibility as they came forward with another story that looks like one of their hoaxes concocted to harm the President which blew up in their faces.


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