Democrat impeachment efforts make voters think Democrats have lost their minds

James Pierson:
The answer to that question is—probably not, absent truly egregious conduct, such as the president shooting someone at midday on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. With regard to anything short of that, such as muddled and contradictory accusations about presidential phone calls to a leader of a foreign country few Americans know about (Where is Ukraine, anyway?), voted through on a narrowly partisan basis—well, the majority of voters cannot be blamed if they tune out on the entire show, which they appear to have done.

That makes a lot of sense from their point of view. After all, they have jobs, they are getting raises and bonuses (it’s that time of year), their sons and daughters, nieces and nephews are working too, and so are their neighbors. Their 401(k)s are growing nicely. Business is good, the mood is upbeat, which is important moving into the Christmas (buying) season. Why rock the boat? Besides, there’s an election coming up. If we want to get rid of the president, then we will have an opportunity to do it next November.

Such common sense reasoning is lost on Democrats in Washington, along with their enablers in the deep state and the mainstream media—all of whom are still outraged after three years that Donald Trump was elected president and is still sitting comfortably in the White House. It is easy to advise them to “get over it.” They are not going to get over it, and will spend the rest of their working lives trying to exact revenge for that outrageous assault on their presumed status as powerbrokers and arbiters of political morality in Washington. That is one reason why they must impeach the President: they are determined to put him in his place.

They are unlikely to succeed, and the reasons are easy to summarize: peace and prosperity. Wise heads among the Democrats sense this is the case, but they find it difficult to resist the drumbeat for impeachment coming from their base, along with the news outlets, who see impeachment as beneficial for their circulation, ratings, and advertising fees. Their problem is that they are too far into it to turn back now. As a result, Democrats are in danger of walking into a trap that President Trump will spring on them next November.
... Unemployment now stands at 3.6 percent, close to a low for the entire post-war era dating back to 1945. Several states, including the swing states of Florida (3.2 percent), Wisconsin (3.2 percent), and New Hampshire (2.5 percent), enjoy even more favorable unemployment rates. Some nineteen of the fifty states achieved historical lows in unemployment during 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Meanwhile, the stock market is soaring, up more than 50 percent over the three years since Trump was elected and 20 percent in 2019 alone. Consumer confidence, a leading indicator of economic performance next year, is close to an all-time high. The small business optimism index is at a ten-year high, pointing to continued growth and more hiring well into 2020. In a tight labor market, wage and salaried employees have every reason to anticipate end of year raises and bonuses. The nation is at peace (mostly) and people are not forced to read every day about America’s young men and women being shot at or blown up in remote places. For most people around the country, things are looking pretty good.

Why would they want to impeach the President—and for what, a phone call to the President of the Ukraine? Who can blame those middle of the road voters for thinking that Washington has lost its collective mind?
 I don't even accept their beginning premise that there is something wrong with asking for help with an investigation of corruption by Joe Biden.    Just because he might be a candidate for President does not make him immune to an investigation.  Heck, they insisted on an investigation of Trump for the bogus charges of colluding with the Russians.   Why shouldn't they have to live with the same conduct that they imposed on Trump?


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