Louisiana plant to recycle plastic waste

Fuel Fix:
Royal Dutch Shell said Thursday it has started making petrochemical products from recycled plastic waste to eventually help combat the growing fears that the world is drowning in plastics.

The Anglo-Dutch energy giant said it is partnering with Atlanta-based Nexus Fuels to break down hard-to-recycle plastics into a liquid feedstock and then manufacture new high-end petrochemical products. The feedstock was delivered from Nexus to Shell's chemicals plant in Norco, La. outside of New Orleans.

The rising global glut of plastic waste threatens the future of the petrochemical sector and Shell is now investing in recycling technologies, while other companies such as BP and Houston's LyondellBasell are building recycling plants to help address the problems.
Most of the glut of used plastic is in third world countries.  It is not going to find enough plastic straws in this country to make the business worthwhile.  The technology will be worthwhile for recycling plastic in this country too.


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