Media polling shows media narrative of Schiff show failed to persuade

John Nolte:
The latest impeachment polling has come in from HuffPost, CNN, and Politico, and it proves Adam Schiff’s House hearings were a massive failure.

This is not just a massive fail on Schiff’s part — it is also a massive media fail. Because, if you recall the last two weeks, Schiff’s kangaroo court was backed by billions and billions of dollars in corporate propaganda through the fake media, including far-left CNN, MSNBC, and even a number of lying morons on Fox News, like Chris Wallace and Andrew Napolitano.

What’s more, as a means to give Schiff’s hoax the air of legitimacy, all the major networks broadcast the hearing live throughout the day, which included commentary from their own left-wing analysts.

Over and over and over again, Schiff and his confederates in the media screamed BOMBSHELLBOMBSHELLBOMBSHELL, and here are the hilarious results…

Most telling, at least to me, is the fact that after all this, after all this gaslighting, the latest polling from HuffPost/YouGov shows only 42 percent of the public believe President Trump is guilty of what he is being accused of — withholding aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into Joe Biden.

Only 42 percent.

Two weeks of “historic” impeachment hearings, billions of corporate dollars funding endless hours of media propaganda, and only 42 percent believe what all of that gaslighting told them to believe.

Joe and Hunter Biden looted Ukraine for millions of dollars, and that is a perfectly legitimate issue for Trump to ask Ukraine to look into.

Oh, and the polls somewhat agree with me on that point, because HuffPost asked that question specifically, and only 40 percent said it was “impeachable” if Trump “withheld military aid to Ukraine in order to get the president of Ukraine to investigate allegations of corruption against the Biden family.”

These are all national polls, which mean little for 2020. It is the battleground state polls that matter most — as do the congressional swing districts — and as pathetic as these national polls are for Democrats, the battleground state and district polls always look worse for Democrats.
The CNN and Politico polls also showed Trump's position improving.  For now, the Democrats are moving on from the Schiff show to the Nadler fiasco.  The last time Nadler tried to do something on impeachment it was a complete embarrassment for the Democrats.

Other polling shows that blacks and Hispanics are no on board with the impeachment effort.


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