Identity of 'whistleblower' is a blow to Democrat credibility

Elizabeth Vaughn:
If Ciaramella Is The Whistleblower, Democrats Have Made A Major Blunder And Their Credibility Will Evaporate
No wonder Schiff has been trying to hide him.

(Note: This morning, I posted a summary of investigative journalist Paul Sperry’s stunning portrayal of this young man. Sperry’s full report can be viewed here and my summary, here.)

We have all known people like Eric Ciaramella. They’re young, ambitious, eager to please and the boss loves them.

For Ciaramella in 2016, that boss was then-CIA Director, John Brennan. He was only too happy to do Brennan’s bidding during the election season. Because of Ciaramella’s experience running the Ukraine desk at the NSC, he worked with Ukrainian-American Alexandra Chalupa, a former DNC contractor, and Hillary supporter. Chalupa’s work digging up dirt on Paul Manafort forced him to resign from the Trump campaign manager and signaled the start of his legal problems. It also laid the groundwork for the Trump/Russia collusion narrative which followed. And our wonder boy, Eric Ciaramella was a part of that.

Both Rush Limbaugh and Paul Sperry report that he was kicked out of the White House several months later for leaking negative stories about Trump. This is the whistleblower whom everyone is so concerned about unmasking.

On Wednesday, after witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified that he had shared the readout of the Trump/Zelensky call with a small group, I thought the whistleblower, Ciaramella, may have been one of them or at the very least, a member of that small group had spoken to the whistleblower. (Unfortunately, when Rep. Jim Jordan asked Vindman that question, Schiff abruptly cut off the questioning.) Limbaugh also thinks Vindman told him directly. He said, “He [the whistleblower] did not hear the phone call. Vindman told him about the phone call. This whole thing is a setup. The whole thing is a manufactured setup. The whistleblower had been kicked out of the White House.”

We’ve already heard that a member of Schiff’s staff met with the whistleblower before he had submitted his complaint. Schiff had lied about this on a talk show and was forced to “explain himself more clearly” afterward. The Sperry report says that one of his closest colleagues and friends, Sean Misko, joined Schiff’s staff in August, and another “at some point this year.” Ciaramella submitted his complaint on August 12th. It’s pretty farfetched to think that Schiff’s fingerprints weren’t all over the complaint document.
There is more.

They have good reason to hide this guy and it has nothing to do with his safety or any of the other reasons they have givern.,  He is not a credible witness to anything other than hearsay from people with their own ax to grind.


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