Early migrants to America had a brutal past

Tyler O'Neal:
Largest Child-Sacrifice Graveyard Strikes Huge Blow to Native American Innocence Myth

Every Columbus Day, liberals insist that the story of European colonization is a simple narrative of good versus evil: horrible Europeans came upon innocent Native Americans, introducing slavery, exploitation, and oppression. A massive archaeological discovery blows one of many gaping holes in this narrative. While Europeans did indeed do horrible things, the natives weren't exactly innocent.

Two hundred and fifty skeletons of children between the ages of 4 and 14 have been unearthed at Huanchaco, Peru, in what experts say is likely the world's largest child-sacrifice site. Huanchaco is a site of the Chimú culture (1200-1400), a predecessor to the mighty Inca Empire, which also carried out child sacrifices.
The children were reportedly sacrificed to honor the Chimú gods. Experts say the children were sacrificed in relation to an "El Niño" event. They were killed during wet weather and buried facing the sea.

This is horrible news for the Native American innocence myth. The very worst site for a particularly horrific form of human sacrifice — the ritual killing of children! — long predates Christopher Columbus's first steps in the New World.
In Meso-America, the Mixtec sacrificed rulers who lost a ballgame, while the Maya sacrificed humans to close sinkholes — with many of those sacrificed being under 20 years old. The Aztecs infamously sacrificed roughly 80,400 prisoners (mostly defeated warriors) by ripping out their hearts. They also sacrificed children to appease their rain god, who required children's tears.
There is much more.

Not noted is the fact that the first people Colombus came across were from the Carib tribe for whom the Caribbean is named.  That tribe was originally for South America and they had invaded the islands of the Caribbean and defeated the Arawak tribe and celebrated their victory by cannibalizing the defeated.  Colombus discovered the new world not because he was looking for conquest, but because he was looking for a trade route to India because the land route had been blocked by radical Islamists.

The Carthaginians who occupied what is now Libya who warred with the Romans also engaged in child sacrifice.  They were apparently descendants of Phonecians who were originally from the ara of modern Lebanon.  Upon their final defeat by Rome the area they occupied was totally destroyed and the Romans found the burial area for the sacrifed children and babies.


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