Racist group opposes new sanctuary city law in Texas

PJ Media:
Janet Murguía, president and CEO of the National Council of La Raza, joined other civil rights advocates to condemn the new Texas immigration law that cracks down on sanctuary cities for not cooperating with federal immigration authorities, arguing that it “encourages bigotry,” “divides communities” and violates the rights of non-citizens.

Another activist said the new law treats every immigrant, regardless of status, as “suspicious” and invites racial profiling.

“Once again a law has been sold as a public safety measure that in reality will jeopardize the safety of not just immigrants but all Texans,” Murguía said on a conference call with immigrant rights activists last week. “We will hold elected officials accountable for dangers -- discriminatory – and unworkable laws based on falsehoods and stereotypes, and we will hold them accountable for policies that not only hurt their constituents but sow fear, encourage bigotry and divide communities. We will do that with the tools available to us: our voice, our vote and our buying power if need be.”

Vanita Gupta, incoming president and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, called the Texas law one of the “most extreme anti-immigrant laws” in recent years. Gupta, who formerly led the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, said the law is going to “drive a wedge” between communities and law enforcement and predicted that the law “will not stand” in the end.

“This law will drive a wedge between law enforcement and the communities they are sworn to serve and protect, which is why the police chiefs of several of Texas’ largest cities have spoken out against this law,” she said. “By sending a message to immigrants that they all look suspicious, SB4 is going to open the door to racial profiling of Texans and make non-Texans think twice about going to the state.”
Ther is more.

If La Raza does not want to be seen as a racist group it should change its name which translated into English means "The Race."  They are hoping the courts will overrule the will of the people who oppose sanctuary cities by about 80 percent.  To call a law anti-immigrant these people are trying to say that all immigrants are effected when, in fact, only immigrants who are in this country illegally would be impacted.  They are really just trying to eliminate US immigration law and push for an open borders concept with no limiting principles.

BTW, the picture accompanying this piece at the link above shows demonstrators outside what looks like the governor's mansion with Congressman Lloyd Doggett.  Lloyd was in law school with me.  He is a nice guy in person, but he never outgrew his attachment to liberalism.


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