Texas cities lead in US growth rate with four of the top five

Daily Mail:
Four of the five fastest-growing cities in the US are found in Texas, as population booms across parts of the south.

The US Census Bureau published a swath of new statistics on Thursday detailing population changes across the country.

Conroe, Texas, a northern Houston suburb, added more residents as a percentage of population last year than any other city, with a jump of 7.8 percent from 2015 to 2016.

Another Texas town came in second, with Frisco - a suburb in Dallas' north - recorded a jump of 6.2 percent.

Rounding of the all-Texas top-three was McKinney - another northern Dallas suburb - with a 5.9 percent increase.

South Carolina squeezed into fourth spot with Greenvile running up a 5.8 percent increase, before it was back to Texas for the fifth spot, with Georgetown - north of Austin - seeing a 5.5 percent jump.

'Overall, cities in the South continue to grow at a faster rate than any other U.S. region,' said demographer Amel Toukabri of the bureau's population division.
Two other Texas communities were in the top 15, New Braunfels and Cedar Park both of which are also near Austin.  The big losers were Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Detroit, and St. Louis.  The rust belt continues to suffer under blue state policies that drive up the cost of living and reduce job opportunities.  Outside of Texas most of the other growth areas were in the South.


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