Missile defense test against ICBM successful--A message to the Norks

NBC Los Angeles:
A ground-based interceptor launched Tuesday from Southern California's Vandenberg Air Force Base shot down a simulated incoming warhead as part of a U.S. defense system test.

The drill at the Santa Barbara County base is designed to prepare for any North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile strike and marked an important milestone in the defense system's development. The interceptor was launched from Vandenberg AFB at midday and targeted a simulated incoming warhead launched from the central Pacific Ocean.

The test launch, the first of its kind in nearly three years, was seen from miles away, but the missile intercept was not visible, according to the air base. The interceptor struck the mock warhead as it traveled outside the Earth's atmosphere.
The test suggests improved accuracy for the missile defense system.  I suspect this particular test was to catch missiles that may have evaded Aegis type systems fired closer to North Korea.  I still believe that a launch phase missile defense system would be ideal and North Korea would be an excellent target for such a system.


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