Are Californians starting to rebel against the evils of liberalism?

Washington Times:
California Gov. Jerry Brown may have been trying to shame opponents of his gas-and-car tax increase by calling them “freeloaders,” but so far the barb has backfired.

Assemblyman Travis Allen, who is spearheading a proposed ballot initiative to repeal Senate Bill 1, said he was inundated with calls after Mr. Brown slammed foes of the $0.12 tax hike on every gallon of gasoline, which kicks in Nov. 1.

“Our phone has been ringing off the hook,” Mr. Allen said. “Californians are outraged. Jerry Brown signs a $52 billion tax increase with another billion to buy off legislators with no vote of the people, and, to top it off, now he’s calling them freeloaders.”

Instead of silencing gas tax foes, however, the comment has revved them up, much as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did last year when she blasted Republican Donald Trump’s supporters as “a basket of deplorables.”

Mr. DeMaio said he was stunned by the governor’s “freeloaders” swipe given that the state continues to offer generous welfare and pension benefits despite its $450 billion debt.

“When Jerry Brown says we’re a bunch of freeloaders, he obviously has not looked at his own social policies that allow people to get welfare without having requirements for work,” Mr. DeMaio said. “And, of course, don’t get me started about the largesse of the pension benefits and pay for government employees.”

He said the recall is months ahead of schedule after gaining tens of thousands of signatures in the first week — a total of 63,593 valid signatures are needed by Oct. 16 — even though some volunteers have been harassed outside stores, which he blamed on “Jerry Brown’s political team.”

“Now they’ve got blockers in the district and they’ve got a snitch line,” Mr. DeMaio said on the air. “The snitch line: ‘Call this line and report where the signatures are being gathered because we want to send down our truth squad.’ Well, they want to send down bullies to try to harass us.”
There is more.

Gas already cost about a dollar a gallon more in California than it does in Texas.  California appears to be trying to go the way of Europe on transportation with confiscatory taxes and expensive regulations of refineries.  The result has been smaller cars and more electrics than anywhere else.  They are also blowing a lot of money on their bullet train to bankruptcy.  

It is already one of the more expensive places in the US to live because of their building restrictions which drive up the price of existing homes making it difficult for first time home buyers.  The high cost is driving out middle-income Californians to places like Nevada, Arizona, and Texas.


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