How do you say chutzpah in Turkish?

Washington Post:
Turkey condemns U.S. over treatment of its bodyguards during Erdogan’s visit to D.C.

The summoning of the U.S. ambassador marked a sharp escalation in a diplomatic rift over a violent confrontation that injured 11 people outside the Turkish ambassador's D.C. residence. American and Turkish officials have provided directly contrasting versions of how the violence unfolded.
Erdogan is an Islamist despot who apparently believes that it is his right to beat up those who don't respect him or his security detail.  The video is pretty clear that the guards attacked demonstrators who were otherwise peaceful and then attacked police trying to stop the attacks.  The Turks don't have much of a case and they are such poor guests in this country, a lot of thought and conversation will be needed if they are ever invited back.

BTW, this appears to be a straight news story by the Post.  There have not been many of those when the subject is the President of the US who has not ordered anyone beat up since elected.


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