What does it take to get the media and Democrats to abandon a conpiracy theory about 'Russian collusion'?

Washington Post:
What does it take for Sean Hannity to abandon a conspiracy theory?
The theory about who provided DNC emails is not so much a conspiracy as it is a theory with little supporting evidence other than suggestions by the leader of Wikileaks and the disputed claims of a private investigator.  

On the other hand, the Democrats are alleging without any supporting evidence that "the Russians hacked the election" with polls showing 55 percent of Democrats actually believe that the Russians hacked the vote in order to assure Trump's victory.

Democrat politicians alleged without evidence that there was "collusion" between the Trump campaign and the Russians and they are pushing an investigation in search of a crime on which to construct a constitutional coup to depose the President.  Perhaps they hope to create a process crime on which to base their coup.

I think that between Hannity and the Democrats, the Democrats are in the major leagues of unsupported conspiracy theories, and it is far more dangerous to the health of democracy in this country.


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