Why the 'Dead on Arrival' narrative should be dropped by both sides

NY Times:

Trump’s Budget Is D.O.A. That’s Good News for Trump.

The deep cuts outlined in the $4.1 trillion spending plan would compound the perils facing Republicans.
In a democratic republic, the President's proposed budget is the opening bid in a negotiation.  How many people would be able to sell their house if they told the person making an offer that it was "dead on arrival."  Fortunately, most brokers are smarter than that and they attempt to get the parties closer together to a deal that is acceptable to both without getting into the swapping of insults.

The reaction to Trump's budget by the Democrats has been a disgraceful demonstration of the politics of fraud where they accuse the President of making "draconian cuts" when in most cases he is just slowing the increase in spending caused by the bad policy of  automatic increases in spending that are built into the current budget mechanism.  The media has been just as bad.

The average growth of the US economy in most years has been about three percent which is the assumption on which the Trump budget works.  While Obama projected growth of anywhere from five to six percent he never achieved that, but his policies of high taxes and high regulation throttled the economy.

Trump's budget is based on stimulating the economy with tax cuts rather than boondoggle spending programs.  Historically, revenues to the government have increased every time it has cut taxes.  This may be news to some in the media which allege that tax cuts will cut revenue.

As I said, this budget proposal is the opening bid, but if the Democrats do not negotiate in good faith they will continue to harm the US economy and be doing so for political purposes.


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