Leaks to media harming US security and relationship with other countries

Washington Post:
Trump asks for U.S. investigation into British bomb probe leaks

British police investigating the Manchester attack have decided to withhold information from the United States in the wake of the leaks. British police chiefs have also criticized the leaks in a highly unusual statement.
The US media has been irresponsible about leaks for sometimes and it has gotten worse because many in the media are using them to attack the President while falsely blaming him for the information they are publishing.

There is no excuse for the media publishing the alleged source of intelligence against the ISIS laptop bombs.  There is also no excuse for them publishing the President's phone conversations with foreign leaders in which intelligence information is shared.

They appear to be doing this on the basis of a hypocritical claim that Trump is the irresponsible one, but he did not give them the story. someone else did and they did it to attack the President.


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