Europe seems to be getting the message that it needs to step up its defense

Washington Post:

Europe can no longer rely on ‘others,’ Merkel says after Trump’s visit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who leads Europe’s most powerful economy, declared a new chapter in U.S.-European relations after contentious meetings with President Trump. Merkel did not mention the U.S. president but offered a clear repudiation of his leadership after he blasted NATO leaders and refused to commit to the Paris climate accord. She declared that Europe “must take our fate into our own hands.”
Europe has been free riding on the US defense umbrella for too long.  Only the Brits have been a strong ally of the major powers.  Smaller powers like Estonia and Poland have done their part, but they are also two of the most threatened by Russia.  Germany has been particularly weak in its defense effort and Merkel seems somewhat petulant about being called on their lack of effort.


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