What is missing from this sad story is that Palestinian terrorists are responsible for barriers

Washington Post:
For a Palestinian with cancer, Israel was her best hope. But that meant a painful separation.

An Israeli permit gave her access to better medical care in East Jerusalem. But while she praised her doctors, what she wanted most was to go home to her children, who were stuck on the other side of Israel’s separation barrier.
While Israelis show compassion for her condition there are limits to access to Israeli areas because the Palestinians have a history of engaging in mass murder attacks before the barrier was put in place and removing it would only open the door to more terrorist attacks.

Using this sob story as an excuse to attack the wall is an open attempt to get empathy for a hostile neighbor who supports mass murder attacks on Israel through grants of money to the murderers and their families.  Stop using a passive aggressive narrative to gain empathy for mass murderers.  This woman is an unfortunate victim of Palestinian terror that keeps her away from her family.


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