Flynn looks to avoid being collateral damage in coup attempt against Trump

NY Times:

Flynn Rejects Senate Subpoena, Invoking 5th Amendment

Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser, was ordered to turn over documents for the Senate inquiry into Russian election meddling.
Oliver North is a rarity as someone targeted by Democrats who actually thrived under their questioning.  With the help a good attorney he managed to turn the public against the Democrats on the committee.

Flynn may not be as good a witness as North.  He sometimes says things that are not true when the truth would serve him better.  That alone is probably a good reason for his attorney to think there is no upside to doing a TV show for adversaries of Trump.

It is not clear why he was not candid with VP Pence but it was enough to cost him his job, even though Trump seems to have confidence in his judgment on dealing with radical Islamists.  Recent history suggests that there is not much Congress can do about his refusal to cooperate with their show trial.

Congress certainly was not successful in getting the guy who alleged set up Hillary Clinton's server that had the effect of moving her communications to an unsecured device to produce documents or talk very much beyond claiming that anything he said might be used against him.


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