Media fails to separate Trump supporters from President

Washington Times:
Despite an onslaught of ridicule from the national media, chiding from their neighbors and repeated public relations flare-ups from the White House, President Trump’s voters remain remarkably loyal to him, pollsters and analysts say.

These voters reject notions that they should regret their vote, saying that their frustration is not with Mr. Trump but with the resistance mounted by Democrats determined to stymie Mr. Trump at every turn.

But they also blame much of the stalled Trump agenda on congressional Republicans — party leaders, hard-line conservatives and moderates whose squabbling caused major problems in the Obamacare repeal effort.
Liberals in the media still do not comprehend why their attacks didn't work in the election, yet they keep trying the same thing hoping a =for a different results.  Stories in the Washington Post and NY Times are often focused on how they believe Trump policies will hurt these voters, but both have long since lost this audience.


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