Was this in response to threat to legislator who called ICE?

NY Times:

Texas Lawmaker Threatens to Shoot Colleague After Reporting Protesters to ICE

Representative Matt Rinaldi said he called federal immigration authorities after protesters at the Capitol interrupted the final day of the legislative session.
Rinaldi story is that the Democrat threaten to attack him when he left the chamber to go to his car.  He apparently was putting the man threatening him on notice that he would respond to such an attack.

The event demonstrated the Democrats hostility to the rule of law when it comes to immigration.  The Democrats are really on the wrong side of voters on this issue.  Polls indicate that around 80 percent of voters oppose sanctuary cities.

Rinaldi claimed that he called ICE because people wearing shirts that said they were "illegal and not leaving" were disrupting the proceedings.  The headline and the lead appear to leave out important context to the confrontation.

When Rinaldi left at the end of the session he was under the protection of Texas State Troopers.

I think the Washington Post headline and lead gives a fairer representation of events.
A Republican called ICE on protesters in the Texas capitol. Then lawmakers started to scuffle.

Video of the altercation shows lawmakers pushing and yelling, and both Democrats and Republicans accused each other of threatening violence as tension escalated after Rep. Matt Rinaldi demanded that protesters be deported.


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