Russians, like Americans try to influence people close to a leader?

NY Times:

Top Russian Officials Spoke of Ways to Sway Trump Advisers

  • The conversations focused on Paul Manafort and Michael T. Flynn, according to three current and former American officials.
  • The intelligence was among clues received last summer as the U.S. began examining Russian attempts to disrupt the election.
I am sure this is probably true of every administration since the founding of this country.  It is what foreign governments do.  It is certainly not evidence of a crime or even a non-crime like "collusion."  It hardly warrants a special counsel to investigate or the various committees of Congress wasting time on the obvious.  

It is truly remarkable how the media and the Democrats are trying to build a conspiracy theory out of normal interactions with foreign governments.  It is even crazier and more dangerous than the conspiracy theory about a murdered DNC employee and ties to Wikileaks.  This one appears to be a conspiracy theory in the service of a coup attempt against the President.


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