Obamacare ruined the healthcare market for millions and only helped those who were added to Medicaid

NY Times:

What Ails Health Market Is Largely Washington

The administration and Congress have had a hand in the instability shaking the health care program, using it to their advantage.
The instability was caused by Obamacare and its ridiculous mandates that drove up the cost especially for those in the individual market who are now charged more than their mortgages in many cases for insurance with deductibles that make going to the doctor for anything other than catastrophic illnesses or injuries out of reach.  Meanwhile, those who are not paying on this level are getting care through government subsidies.  

Democrats and Obamacare are solely responsible for this mess.  The other problem is that Democrats and Obama were unwilling to work with Republicans on fixing the problem because they did not want to admit how badly they had screwed up.


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