Taking a Baath in Baghdad

As the US forces continue to demonstrate that Saddam is not in control of his country, he will continue to exercise control over his dwindling band of syncofants. Since it is dangerous to deliver bad news to Saddam, he very well could believe the ridiculous things his information minister is telling the world. Even if he has a better grip on reality, he is still unlikely to give up. He appears to be someone who thinks it is his destiny to survive, even when all the evidence is to the contrary.

One of the things the coalition forces and special ops guys could do to speed the conclusion would be to attack during one of the Info ministers spiels and capture him. They should then give the reporters a trip to the airport that Iraq claims to control. This may be as close to a coup de main as the US can get. It would demonstrate to the Arab world, that Saddam's regime is over, even if he may still be moving imaginery divisions around in the map room of his bunker. Once he has lost control of his mouth piece, he has lost the last little bit of his command and control.

Terror University

US forces have taken Terror U where Saddam trained international terrorist. The Arab volunteers who have rushed to defend this sick regime were defeated before the capture. Numerous weapons were captured as well as a significant number of the black ninja outfits favored by the terrorist.

Shooting at the Russians

According to Fox News Channel as the Russian diplomats were attempting to escape to Baghdad for Syria, they came under fire. There were no US forces in the area, so it is likely that Saddam was attempting to create an incident that woulds bring diplomatic pressure on the US. Apparently the US was aware of the diplomatic convoy and had made sure that they would not come under fire from US forces.


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