Some believe that if Syria is not the next target in the war on terror it should be. Syria has been incubating terror for over thirty years. Newt Gingrich says it is the only country in the world where you can get off a plane in its capitol airport and take a cab to the office of a terrorist organization. Islamic Jihad, of Sami Al Aren fame, is headquartered in Damascus. Hezbollah also operates openly. Syria continues to occupy Lebanon. It is difficult to see how any roadmap to a Palestinian settlement can occur without a withdrawel of all Syrian troops from Lebanon, and withdrawel of support and recognition for terror organizations.

Osama's Raiding Strategy

In Osama's latest statement he says the best way to fight the US is to wear the US down with a series of raids in much the same way the Soviets were defeated in Afghanistan. What he does not seem to recognize is that the Afghans would have never been able to defeat the Soviets without the substantial assistance of the US and other countries. In fact all the countries that assisted in the fight against the Soviets are assisting the US in its fight against al Qeada. As for his call to have the jihadis come to Iraq and fight the US, one Centcom officer smiled and said it was like roaches going to the exterminator. Having all the al Qeada troops in one place where US forces can destroy them would be a real gift.


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