Jihad Myths

Jihad is being exposed as a concept that is not used to defend Islam, but as a reserve force for despots who claim some allegiance to Islam. In Afghanistan, thousands of Pakistani jihadis became disalusioned by the reality of opposing the US use of force to overthrow the mullahocracy of the Taliban. They saw the Taliban lose their "holy war."

When the thugocracy in Iraq called for jihad to defend their regime there was no significan number of Afghan jihadi refugees volunteering. Iraq did get a few Syrian and Yemini volunteers but the numbers were not as large as they were in Afghanistan, and the results were the same, the jihadis were killed or captured and the government they defended fell. At some point these muslim volunteers are going to recognize that Islam is not served by them acting like cockroaches going to the exterminator.

While Egyptian president Mubarak said the war would create more bin Ladens, what has actually happened is many potential bin Ladens have gone to Iraq to die. In doing so the number of future terrorist has been reduced.


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