In the history of warfare looting following a conquest is done by the winning army. Booty was bonus pay for the soldiers. Marlborough was one of the first military leaders to put a halt to the practice. The US forces that took Baghdad are much too disciplined to engage in such activity, indeed no one has suggested that they did. However, liberals have added another burden to winning a war. Now troops who are trying to defeat the enemy are supposed to rush to the antiquity center and protect it from the citizens of the city. Some would find this requirement a distraction from the objective of winning the war, but evidently the liberal media thinks it is what the fight was for, after all, the US was able to protect the oil fields for the Iraqis. It probably did not occur to Centcom planners that Saddam might do some prewar looting in Baghdad, or possible people who had been oppressed by Saddam would think taking government owned antiques was good revenge. Anyway, this has to be the first time in the history of warfare that the conquering military force is criticized for not protecting the peoples history from the people.


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