Iraqi Clerics Attempt to Blow Opportunity for Democracy

At their friday "prayer service" Iraqi clerics instigated a silly scene where a mob was shouting that they wanted the US to leave. This was easy to ignor sice the US has no intention of sticking around any longer than is necessary to disarm the country and give democracy a chance. What was really wrong was the suggestion that the mob wanted an Islamic government. What a mistake. While these people have been kept ignorant of many things by Saddam's governemtn, you would think they would know what a mess Iran has made with its Islamic government, not to mention the Taliban in Afghanistan. What that country needs is a government that permits all religions to exercise their beliefs and worship as they see fit. It must be terribly frustrating to mob that no one reacts to their mass tantrum.

The Cuban Gulag

Castro is "cracking down." Cuba is executing people who try to flee his island paradise. The EU, which supplies him with sympathy trade, apparently recognizes what the US has long known. Trading with Cuba will not make Castro a believer in human rights. One sign of a despotic government is how many people want to be exiles of that regime. Iraq had about four million. North Korea has several hundred thousands, as does Cuba, and Iran. Atilla the Hun had the same problem, his subject kept trying to escape into Byzantine Rome. Another charateristic of despotic governments is the way failed attempts at exile result in execution. Cuba seems to be applying for junior partner status in the "axis of evil." Hollywood must sense the problem because Oliver Stone is already on the side of the despot.


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