Coordinated Attacks

I have already discussed the importance of new levels of coordination in the attacks of Gulf War II. That piece was mainly about the coordination between the air and ground tean and the headquarters. Added to that mix is the coordinated work of Special Forces and the CIA. Specail Forces was responsible for seizing airfields and certain communities that were outside the eye sight of embedded journalist.

The CIA and Special Forces were deep inside Baghdad targeting regime leadership. If their attacks did not kill Saddam outright, and they may have, they did scare his regime to death. It did not last 24 hours after the last attack on leadership targets. The CIA is reported to have bribed several Iraqi generals to not allow their units to fight.

While pre war hype talked about whole units surrendering, what actually happened made the operation move faster. Many of the Republican Guard (who fought like Democrats) simply took off their uniform and left their unit. It was an Iraqi farewell to arms. This meant the coalition advance would not be slowed by having to deal with several thousand prisoners of war.


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