Arab Media Critics

US and UK media were not the only ones who did not understand how effective Tommy Franks war plan was. Arab media also criticized Saddam's war plan for being ineffective, which it was. However, their suggestions would have been equally as ineffective. While they suggest cutting off supply lines, the size force needed to do that effectively would have been destroyed just like the Republican Guard was destroyed.

Is Syria Next?

UK sources suggest that Syria is the subject of the meeting between Bush and Blair in Northern Ireland. There has been wide spread speculation that much of Saddam's prohibited weapons was shipped to Syria last summer. Syria has also been criticized for sending terrorist and supplies to Iraq during the war. Syria has also been accused of facilitating prohibited weapons purchases from both France and China and possibly Russia.

For a war on terror to be successful eventually Syria and Iran will need regime change. With the fall of Afghanistan and Iraq, they are the largest providers of terrorist. If there is any hope for a settlement of the Palestinian issue with Israel these two terorist states must have a change of attitude or a change of regime.

The Baghdad Baath

Shortly after the Taking a Baath in Baghdad piece was posted 3rd ID tanks and APC's took over two of Saddam's palaces in downtown Baghdad. One of the officers noted the gold fixtures in the bathroom and said he was going to take his first shower in 30 days. Washing the Baath Party out of Baghdad may come sooner than expected.


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