Defensive Patriotism

Democrats have a Patriotism strawman they beat whenever their irrational views on national security are challenged. John "regime change" Kerry is the latest to beat the strawman, by wrongly claiming that his patriotism was being challenged. Since when is his bad judgement equal tp patriotism. He is a man who served in the military in Vietnam and like many Dems, he thinks this innoculates him from being challenged on his bad national security positions. Kerry needs to stop waving the bloody flag of patriotism and demogoguery and seriously address national security issues. His "regime change" comment is just another example of how Democrats throw red meat insults out for their true believers, that wind up blowing back in their face. It is similar to the "Taliban wing of the Republican party" insult that was used during the Clinton administration. All of this is great fun in front of your true believers, but it does not persuade the real world.

Democrats seem to think that a veneer of military service will overcome the distrust the American public has for their point of view on national security. That explains why some in the party have been pushing former general Wesley Clark as a Vic Presidential candidate. Their problem is substance. As Clark pushed the Dems' point of view on the war his stature dropped and pulled CNN down with it. General Tom McIlhaney who was imbedded at Fox and is not running for anything, has been the expert that has done the best job of analysis and was one of the first to recognize the brilliance of Tommy Franks plan of battle. Clark, like Kerry will fail because their policy positions are wrong. To criticize their policy positions and the silly things they say in support of them is not a challenge to their patriotism.

Ministry of Planning Burning in Baghdad

More evidence of Saddam's crimes is going up in smoke in Baghdad. The Ministry of planning fire is lighting the night sky as shown on Fox News Channel.


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