The Civilian Casualty Whine

The press is attempting to put US commanders on the defensive about civilian casualties caused when a van loaded with women and children refused to stop and ignored warning shots, wound up with several dead when finally haulted. The actions of the driver of this vehicle are totaly irrational. Does anyone else think it is funny that a vehicle loaded with women and children would show up in a combat area and attempt to run a road block. This type of weird conduct suggest that these people were ordered to do this by one of Sadam's death squads, in an attempt to cause an embarrassing incident for Arabs to whine about on Arab television. While the deaths are tragic they should be added to the tally of deaths Saddam's and his sadist are responsible for.


Liberals never comprehended how they caused a quagmire in Vietnam. For that reason they tend to view any conflict as another "Vietnam." One of the sillier iditerations of this theory was in Nicarogua. There, the strategic situation was exactly the reverse on the one the US faced in Vietnam. In that country the US was supporting the insurgents and the communist were defending an unpopular government thousands of miles from Moscow. The defeat of the Sandanistas was a remakable achivement considering how the liberals tried to save them and defeat the Contras. In Afghanistan it took only a few weeks for the NY Times to declare a quagmire. Now liberals are equating the illegal combatants in Iraq to the Viet Cong. It is a very poor analogy. Liberals who ran the defense department during the Kennedy and Johnson administration and who controled the purse strings on the war during the Nixon administration made several fatal errors. They gave the enemy sactuaries in North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. They refused during the Johnson administration to mine the harbor of Haiphong where most of the war materials supporting the communist transited. They used a gradual application of force that permited the enemy to adjust and anticipate future attacks. They refused to send enough troops. Rather than look at troops needed to fing an insurgency on a force to space ration, they applied a force to force ration which put the question of the amount of force in the hands of the enemy. Their whole strategy was based on making the war painful enough for the enemy, that the enemy would decide to stop the war. They rejected strategies that would make the enemy unable to continue fighting. For example, a force of ground troops blocking the Ho Chi Minh Trail would have forced the communist to either fight a decisive battle they would lose or not be able to continue infiltration of troops and supplies. Because liberals do not understand the basic principle of land warfare, they continue to misjudge the use of force.

It should also be noted that the Viet Cong and NVA troops in Vietnam were a coherent military organization. The Saddam Fedeyeen are a bunch of bullies and thugs who have been destroyed in every fight they have picked with US forces. The people they have been bullying are pointing them out to US and British forces leaving them no jungle to hide in. While they are desperate to stop US forces they have had no more success than a fly annoying an elephant.


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