Hell Hole

Marines used tank shells to break into an underground prison in Iraq. This one was in Baghdad, but it may take weeks to dig out all the Iraqi political prisoners.

Arab Embed

A woman reporter for Arab News tells how living with Marines changed her life and her attitude about Americans. "Marines were like Arabs," really.

National Security Is a Wedge Issue For Dems

Democrats are divided over next steps in the Middle East according to the Washington Post. At first it was just the crazy aunts of the Democrats that spoke out against the war to liberate Iraq from conditions like that in the Hell Hole story above. As Gulf War II got closer it appeared that the Democratic base oppose liberating Iraq.

Current polls show that among Democrats 61 % now approve of Bush's handling of Iraq. However, a significant number of Democrats appear to have a McGovernite death wish of national security issues. It will be interesting to see if people like Leiberman and Gephardt can pull the party back to its senses. While Bob Graham voted against authorization of the use of force to liberate Iraq, he now favors taking action against Syria. Others in the presidential field, such as Gov. Dean, oppose taking effective action. Leiberman and Gephardt would be the best candidates the Dems could offer in '04. Sen. John .F Kerry takes positions on all sides in the national security debate and would have a difficult time defending some of the insulting things he has said about Us allies in the war to liberate Iraq. His operation to remove his "arrogance" organs should be deemed a failure.

Kerry falls into the trap of blaming the Bush administration for France and Germany's bad conduct in the diplomacy leading up to the war. Daschle, who took the same position, has found himself in trouble in his home state for his prewar remarks on "failed diplomacy."

The failed diplomacy line, has the appearance of something coming out of a strategy session on how to exploit events surrounding the war for political gain, instead of a strategy session on how to support the liberation of Iraq. It is one more reason why the American public does not trust Democrats on national security. It is another reason why democrats keep trying to change the subject, and take issues off the table rather than face the truth about how a significant portion of their base is out of touch with the rest of the country as well as being out of touch with reality when it comes to national security.


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