The Democrats Patriotism Problem

Enertainers think when they are criticized for some of the goofy things they say on national security that they are being censored or blacklisted. Democrat politicians think that when they are criticized for goofy things they say on national security issues that their patriotism is being questioned. Back in the 2002 election when Democrats were challenged on their position of putting unions ahead of the President in the Homeland Security Bill they whined that they had been called unpatriotic, and even rolled Max Leland out as a veteran who had been insulted. Never mind that they were being criticized for bad policy proposals.

Recently Sen. John F. Kerry was criticized for suggesting the US needed a regime change. Kerry, who never fails to remind that he is a Vietnam vet, lashed back that his patriotism was being challenged and that he had no idea when he was fighting in Vietnam that he could be criticized for saying really dumb things that Democrat crowds think are funny. That last sentence is not a quote, but it is pretty close to his point.

Lately, Hillery has also accused critics of misguided Democratic ideas of challenging Democrats patriotism. She just does not seem to get it. People do not trust the Democrats on national security issues because Democrats seem to have other priorities like spending money on constituency groups rather than defeating terrorism at its source. The Democrats idea of spending on national security is to send more money to help public employee unions and to write work rules that make it more difficult to manage public employee union members, or in the case of baggage screener, make them all federal employees. It all seems to be about spending defense dollars on groups that vote for them and opposing and being critical of things like liberating Iraq.

In case there are still any Democrats who think this piece is challenging their patriotism, they are wrong. It is challenging your policy judgement and priorities. And Sen. Kerry, I am a Vietnam vet too. It has never made sense to me why anyone who participated in that war would have anything to do with the party that started its decline on national security issues by making that war into a quagmire, then attempting to blame the mess they made on others. Then Democrats never seem to comprehend why Vietnam was a quagmire. That is why they seem to think that every use of force will be another one. The quagmire watch was on in Iraq after only a couple of weeks. Never mind that there was no evidence to support such a theory. Just before the Taliban folded the dreaded quagmire watch was already underway.


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