The Good Guys

In the war to liberate Iraq, obviously the Brits are high on the good guy list. Not only were they strong allies going into Iraq, they have done an excellent job in southern Iraq and liberating Basra.

Perhaps the most indispensible good guy is Kuwait. Without Kuwait it would have been extroidinarily difficult to liberate Iraq. They have stood up to the insults of their fellow arabs and have also done a good job manning their Patriot missile batteries. They have been aggressive in going after the al Queda cells that were trying to thwart the liberation.

The Poles also make the good guy list for contributing special forces that help save the off shore oil terminals. The Aussies and their special forces and air craft also contributed to the liberation.

Journalist Under Attack

It is unfortunate that journalist were killed and injured in fire fights between the US forces and Iraqi illegal combatants. It is also unfortunate that many of the journalist have decided that the story is about them. Whining about being victims and requesting that US forces change their rules of engagement sounds like people who think they are more important than the liberation. If they want to take their chances to be an observer, they should not whine about the dangers they assume in the course of being an observer. If they are not willing to live with those dangers they should leave.


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