The Freidman Bubble Theory

Thomas Freidman of the NY Times asserts that the war to liberate Iraq burst the terrorism bubble. Freidman seems ready to declare victory and call off the war on terror. He is wrong Syria and Iran still have men running their governments who are willing to send people to murder Americans and Israelis. The DRNK is still selling these rogue regimes missiles that can threaten US interest in the middle east, while trying to build nuclear weapons that it would also sell to maintain its own reign of terror on its own people. Apparently Freidman would like to war to end so Democrats would stand a chance against George W. Bush in 2004. As long as there is a war, there is little chance that American voters are going to trust Democrats with national security issues. Bush and Rumsfeld know that there is still much work to be done before this war is over. What has been shown is that states that harbor terrorist are vulnerable to US forces if they do not change their conduct. They will never change their conduct unless the US stays on a war footing that makes it clear they may be the next regime that is changed.

German Spies Offered to Help Saddam

In the run up to the war spies from Germany offered to assist Iraq. The quid pro quo was to be lucretive contracts for German companies if they could stop a US attack. One such meeting was months before Schroeder's anti American reelection bid.

Russians Tell Saddam How to Thwart US Pre War Strategy

The Russians told Iraq that the US was trying to prevoke a confrontation with UN Weapons Inspectors to use as an excuse to attack. This resulted in Saddam's feigning cooperation with inspectors while playing hide and seek with them. The Telegraph found documents discussing the Russian information in the wreckage of the Iraqi Intelligence Service.

"The Milk of Our Mothers Is Purer Than Theirs"

Saddam told his inner circle. This was apparently because God was on his side. He ordered the army to not go out and fight the US but to wait for them in the cities where they were to fight a guerilla war. Why God would chose to be on the side of a murderous despot is not clear, but Saddam was probably delusional enough to think he had some divine right to engage in his depraved conduct. Delusions proved to be very ineffective against US and coalition forces.


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