Unavailable For Comment

In a "Then and Now" story giving statements made by people during the war and what they are saying now, the Telegraph wraps it up by saing Saddam is "unavailable for comment."

The Tip

The story of how Centcom got a tip and turned it into a strike on a meeting of Iraqi leadership. It was a tip that led to the "tipping" point where organized Iraqi resistance stopped.

Iraq's Opportunity

The US has given Iraq a great opportunity. Not only has a murderous despot been pulled down, but the country will now have the oportunity to create a democracy in the middle of the Middle East. If Saddam could turn the Garden of Eden into a dried up cess pool, Iraq now has the oportunity to make it flower again. To accomplish these things, Iraq will have to also overthrow the hatred that is the passion of the region. They can create a democratic society that invites the world to see the birthplace of mankind, or they can continue to reject the outside world and drift back into dictatorship. The US can only give them an oportunity, it is up to the Iraqi's to seize it. One hopeful sign is how many successful Iraqi exciles are heading back to rebuild the country.

Iraqis Ordered to Hide Infor on WMD

Documents and computers with information of WMD and other prohibited purchases were to be taken home and hidden from UN weapon inspectors. The Brits have started poking around in intelligence files finding tib bits like this, as well as, finding evidence that Russia was spying on Tony Blair for Saddam. Russia was also training Saddam's agents and giving him a list of assasins.


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