"Possibly Live" From Baghdad, the Saddam Show

Events this week have at least forced the Iraqis to presentthe appearance of a living Saddam to their audience outside Iraq. He could not be seen in the country. People who have experienced war talk about "foxhole" conversions. If this is saddam he has apparently had one. Jihad is in the air. What is remarkable is how few have heeded his call. While there was some talk of 3000 to 4000 going to Iraq, so far the only evidence of outsiders jumping on his sinking ship of state are the 150 or so Yeminis who volunteered. While Mubarak of Egypt has said the war will create many more bin Ladens, out of two billion muslims in the world, not that many of them are coming to Iraq in search of martyrdom. The war to liberate Iraq has already destroyed a large al Queda enclave. It is certain that whatever their feelings about the US and the war, the Pakistanis who rushed to defend the Taliban do not appear ready to repeat the mistake in Iraq. A sustained campaign in Iraq and possibly Syria may show the foolishness of the jihad mentality pressed by the radical clerics.

The "arab street" still frets over accident victims of coalition bombing while ignoring the odious murder machine of Saddam Inc. This irrational conduct is based on feelings and not intellect. It is hard to say when this pathology will change. The Palestinians have been some of the most demontrative. These people continue show themselves to be too immature to have their own state. While the "roadmap" could lead to a state it will not until there is an attitude adjustment.


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